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Architects for hire is a team of Melbourne architects with a focus on house refurbishment, sustainable house renovations and strategic extensions. If you are downsizing and looking to renovate or building a home for a new family we’d be happy to hear from you.

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Architects listen and understand a client needs. I believe that good communication is critical to the success of a project – that is, being able to ‘translate’ the fluffy ideas into real built solutions. When I have clients walk into their new space and say “Wow!” or tell me that they “love coming home” – it is the biggest reward I could ask for.

Nic van der Nol, Architects for Hire

Yeh, this part is supposed to be about us, but ultimately it’s really about you

We know you have questions about building your own home..

Hopefully we can answer some of them for you here.

Maybe you’ve outgrown your existing house, or maybe you’ve decided to downsize. Maybe you’re looking to finally create the home you’ve always wanted, but you’ve never quite got?

And as you’re maybe already aware, it can be a pretty complex undertaking. Even making the choice to hire an architect can be a big one.

Whatever it might be, it starts with a conversation – we are here listen to you, understand where you’re at – and offer informed, professional advice on how we can help. It can be a confusing process, even the beginnings of imagining the cost of building your own home and setting realistic timeframes for building your own home can be a challenge.

The best homes are those that are designed to elevate, enhance and endure… 


Well-designed homes increase your wellbeing.

Reflecting the very fundamentals of human nature, uniquely designed homes delight in inspiring you to sublime levels of your interaction with your surroundings, creating an environment that embraces who you are.


Elevate = Alchemy + Beauty



Well-designed homes perform. 

As architects of sustainable buildings, we use first principles design approaches with a bent for efficiency, high-performing homes are expressly effective in their build and highly efficient in their operation.


Enhance = Efficiency + Sustainability


Well-designed homes stand the test of time and retain their value.

Through an appreciation of the worth of your own aspirations, architects design home environments that continue to deliver performance in sustained longevity and create a timeless sense of character.  

 Endure = Longevity + Wellbeing


architects for hire

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